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September 03 2010

Paintball in Leeds Stag Weekends

Paintball in Leeds Stag Weekends- A colourful stag weekends outdoor action awaits you in Leeds which will take you guys on a fun filled outdoor action with mates. The splashing Paintball event in Leeds is a perfect way to design your day with a difference, so guys time to step out and face the action. Do remember to keep your automatic guns loaded with paint grenades and start lobbing them on your opponents.

Leeds flaunts a wide array of paintball venues which are perfect to design your day amidst the picturesque surroundings. You will enjoy running in woods, valleys, running streams and even waterfalls making this colourful event more interesting and thrilling. Your aim is to outwit your opponents with a planned strategy and team work. Paintball also gives you the chance to settle your old grudge  with your friends by lobbing those colourful paintball on the butts of your opponents.

With so much for everyone Leeds paintball has always been a hot favorite outdoor team game among stags. You guys will surely cherish many memorable moments from this hilarious and high-energy outdoor stag do event in Leeds. So whether you a novice or expert this sporting action has something for everyone, no matter what's your age of size.

Hey! If you stags are looking for some more action then combine your paintballing day with other exciting team events like Clay Pigeon Shooting, Quad Biking and archery. So let the gun do all the talking in your paintballing action in Leeds stag.

June 02 2010

Hangovers the stag night scourge

Hangovers, the scourge of the hapless stag, the bitter after-taste that lingers on after the revelry. The biggest worry for a few when it comes to a Leeds stag night. Leeds is such a great place for stag party and bar crawling is one of the most popular things to do while you're in Leeds.

Stag friendly haunts, clubs and venues call out to you from every part of the city. So what's the least you can do to escape the dreaded hangover? Here are a few tips from a seasoned stag, from one who has been a best man so often to boot.
  • Always have a light meal before you head out for the evening, something bland and full of carbs. It keeps the tummy prepped for alcohol.
  • Keep a packet of buiscuits at your night table and snack on them as you wake up.
  • Avoid greasy food as much as possible
  • Drink loads of water
Try these wise tips and you're sure to weather the hangover stormin your system and head out to fun activities the next day or even head back to work.

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